There has never been a better time for your business to join the Comstor Security Initiative and accelerate your business
 Cyber security is the biggest threat your customers face.  Hacking is a $1 trillion industry, targeting 10 billion devices, using new sophisticated tools to target aging devices.  It’s not a question of if your customers have been hacked, it’s when.
Comstor’s Security Initiative (CSI) equips with the tools to capitalise on this opportunity.

ThreatScan Proof of Value
Both Comstor and Cisco are so convinced of the security capability of the ASA with Firepower that we’re offering you our ThreatScan Proof of Value program.  We provide the ASA with FirePOWER from stock and set it up (or train you to set up) to run a security network monitor, with no need to change anything in the network. After 2 weeks we extract a report that shows what the Cisco ASA has detected and the potential threat it would have blocked and your customer can choose whether to keep or return the ASA.  No investment is required from your or your customers.  Read more about ThreatScan Proof of Value here, and request a demo here.

View our Comstor Security Guide   View our Proof of Value sheet

Comstor Incentive Program (CIP)
Exclusive 3% rebate on Cisco Security bought from Comstor on achievement of pre-agreed targets.

ESS Security Specialisation Training

Funded training to get you specialised for more discounts
Join CSI now to unlock this market potential before your competitors do.  To join CSI and benefit from ThreatScan Proof of Value, CIP rebates and ESS training you must return a memo of understanding to
Jay McDonald, Cisco Security Architecture Lead.
  > Download Memorandum of Understanding

What else does CSI give you?
  • Dedicated Cisco Security-qualified account management, here to support you to win deals and build your internal capabilities
  • Dedicated security qualified product management
  • Dedicated presales and technical resource – enabling you to extend your ability to deploy solutions. All our technical teams have specialists that are Cisco-certified to fully understand the function, capabilities, performance and implementation of Cisco-focused solutions. We are your white-labeled tech team.
  • Join our Threatscan Proof of Value program and we will enable you to upsell from products to solutions and we’ll equip you with everything you need to identify new customers, use free of charge hardware from our stock, install the units, manage and present results and ultimately upsell more Cisco solutions. 
  • Achieving ESS Security specialisation gives you access to specific Cisco programs.
  • Mentor Programme which enables you to build a profitable Security practice.
  • Our on boarding team can provide access to business plans, sales and technical training as well as providing access to all of Cisco’s security research and sales acceleration programs
  • Comstor provide help with your security marketing and demand generation for leads.
  • The Comstor services organisation can support you through our staffed support desk, Cisco services, professional services, global deployment and training
  • Win your deals with our latest Cheat Sheets and Competitive Guides
  • AssessMy: Funded online assessment tool to capture customer requirements and sales opportunities


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